"Natural Perfection 2"

Perfect is an understatement when I describe Georgia. Perfect natural boobs, Racing Stripe and all her own teeth hehehehe :) She is perfection to fuck. Leo :)

"Abigail From CA Blue"

Good Morning Watchersweb! This is my girlfriend Abigail. She is up for just about anything. Just enjoy. Sorry about the low res, just got a phone. Dane and Abigail

"Greek Wife"

This is my Greek wife Yana. Please enjoy us and if the messages are nice we will send many more. -Massachusetts, USA

"Travelling GF Packed Well"

Movie - Ay Yalllll! My girlfriend is in process of travelling the world, we were talking over messenger when she told me she packed her toys for alone time

"Hungry Friends"

Our friends left to get take away food so we did this in their car

"Leah At Large 2"

Thank you all for the sweet messages and here is one for sleepin Devil who thought I wasn't Real. Love Leah xxx


Hello Again , my name is Bliss. These are for you blue page only and are from my private collection. I have a lot more. Bliss ^_^ x

"American Honies"

As if you wouldn't want to be in this car with me. WE LOVE ROAD TRIPS!

"Buddy Rides My Girlfriend"

My girlfriend was pretending to be asleep, so I gave my buddy the nod and her slowly worked his way over to ride her. She didn't mind at all.