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Boise, Idaho, USA
"Webwhore - webwhore wife from boise idaho exposed on the internet forever for the entire world to see. would you expose yourself like this showing your face with full frontal nudity and your hometown knowing that it could be seen by anyone that does a simple google search? let us know what you think. "
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New Jersey, USA
"Blue Lankee Yankee - 6 FOOT 1" Girlfriend loves to dress in Lingerie. I love the fact her legs reach right up to her neck. Must stay very fit for this one. "
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"Fun With A Friend - Playing around thought we might test the water posting. Love your site "
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"Portugal Vacation - Some Pictures from a recent weekend away in Portugal. We hope you enjoy them. "
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What Else

Time Warp from The Archive

"Festival Fun" - Somewhere in the USA I had an awesome hour one morning the day after a festival. The cleanning and packing up can always come later.

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Hotmayday - Passing Time" - Passing time on the road! Been a long rainy day! Giving the truckers a thrill

Featured Cam Girl

"Jessica19" - 20 year old from USA . Free Live Chat.

Coming Next Week To Blue

"Getting Messy" - Surprise celebrity party pictures. We took them, we own them :)