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Rhode Island, USA
"Aria Rayne ~ Suck & Spray - Sometimes you just want to brush your teeth with a guys cock until he can't hold back any longer. Wanted to feel it all over my tits so I could rub it all in. I heard it is good for the skin. He didn't seem to mind. Next I'll do the face really well. I think my teeth are clean now! "
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"The Patriot - Some pictures of my wife on July 4. "
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Toms River, USA
"Friend From Works Wife - These are some picture of a guy from my works wife.I have been tapping her for a while.He doesn't know and I suppose what he doesn't know don't hurt.Let me tell you that he is missing some fine ass pussy. "
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"Elise Gets Dirty - For those of you who wanted to see some hot action, you will enjoy the last couple pix! I also included a little ass play for you "ass lovers". Many hot kisses! ENJOY!! *kiss* "
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Today's Crew Favorites

Bus Stop Role Play (Video)

So we came upon this school bus and thought it would be great for a little role play. This naughty school girl is determined to get the busdriver off before she gets off the bus! - USA
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Home Footage Pt 1 (Video)

Here's some home footage of the two of us, enjoy xx - USA
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An Elegant Weekend Away

This was a super fun weekend away at a very nice resort.
Monday 21st July 2014 >>>

Wife On Holidays

Some pictures of my hot wife on Holidays in the Caribbean.We are from the USA but like to travel a lot
Saturday 19th July 2014 >>>


22nd July 2014 - Why is it blake can put all the TOTALLY Sacrilegious Bull Shit on but I can't leave a comment on his Fucking Trash.. This SUCKS.. That Son-of-Bitch should be Ran off, Fired, Shot and/or strung up. My account is blocked from any comments…FUCK blake and the turd he slid in on…. - JR Mooney

Wow... I was going to ask why you were blocked but I think I already understand... There is a book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Send a ticket to the support team and I'll send you a copy for free.. - Blake

22nd July 2014 - I was wondering if you changed the video format you send your videos in, when i am in the blue, and i click on the the video's only the first one i open will work then the others say they were sent in a format that is not recogonizable. Just a questin. - Ron

Hey Ron, No, the video formats haven't been changed... Just the player software. If the first one is playing and the others aren't it must be a problem at your end. Send a ticket to tech support and we will have it sorted for you... Thanks! - Blake

17th July 2014 - This is an excellent site, there is always something new on a daily basis. An the fact it is amateurs of all different shapes and sizes makes it so much better I've been a Blue life time member for 4+ years and it is well worth the one time fee I paid!! - Jgoose22

Thanks for the feedback, it's always nice hearing some positive feedback. Happy viewing! - Blake

17th July 2014 - how about introducing some way to seperate hairy bushes from shaved in photo spreads. I personally don't like shaved, so have to trawl through many many spreads to find the hairy ones. I'm sure there are many viewers who also prefer hairy, natural photos - les hanslo

You're probably right, but it's also a great way to complicate an easily navigated site... I'm sure a lot of submitters mention "hairy" in their stories, etc. Try using the key word search! - Blake

10th July 2014 - Love the 'full screen' option on movies. Coupled with the keyboard 'Ctrl +/Ctrl -' to expand images, it gives WW the big picture option. - Colin

Glad to hear you like the new software Colin! - Blake

8th July 2014 - How about offering a free one day only 24 hour access to Watcher's Web Blue to all the regular Watcher's Web visitors? Mr. Skin seems to do this twice a year to boost membership on his site so people who aren't members can see what they are getting for their money if they join. - Mike

Mr. Skin is also a website featuring nude scenes of celebs from movies. Mr. Skin doesn't have an archive of 7 million *plus* submissions from housewives and girlfriend from around the world. Niche is everything Mike. Soo.... no, offering a free 24 hours a year would be a very bad idea. Also, just for FYI. Mr. Skins memberships are about $60 a year. Ours a now $39... You'd be better off just streaming the bloody movie... - Blake

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